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11 αξέχαστες rap αναφορές για την Whitney Houston [Audios]

Πριν μας αφήσει η Whitney Houston, σε rap κομμάτια είχαν γίνει πολλές αναφορές στο πρόσωπό της, κυρίως αναφορές για την κοκαΐνη. Δείτε τις 11 αυτές αναφορές.

01. Notorious B.I.G. – Dreams (just playin)

Everybody…move your body/Got Whitney Houston boostin’ from Bobby

[jwplayer mediaid=”19859″]
02. The Game – Dreams

But we the future, Whitney Houston told me that

[jwplayer mediaid=”19860″]
03.Chino XL – No Complex

You all like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s marriage/One big joke

[jwplayer mediaid=”19861″]
04.Ludacris ft. Floyd Mayweather – Undisputed

Like I made a thousand rappers put shackles on they feet with me/And then I broke free – I’ll let ’em loose/When Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston become drug-free

[jwplayer mediaid=”19862″]
05.KMD – Suspended Animation

This shit be boosting until I hear some Whitney “I don’t want to hurt anymore” Houston

[jwplayer mediaid=”19863″]
06.Young Jeezy – Lets Get it Skys The Limit

Whitney Houston in the back, now everybody got coupes

[jwplayer mediaid=”19864″]
07.Young Buck – Get Buck

Gon break it down, pass it all around/I can serve Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

[jwplayer mediaid=”19865″]
08.D12 – Ain’t Nuttin But Music

Robert Downey, Bobby Brownie, Whitney Houston/The shit’s she’s using

[jwplayer mediaid=”19866″]
09.Skillz – Rap Up 09

Whitney Houston got back to workin’…

[jwplayer mediaid=”19867″]
10.Twista – Whitney Houston Tribute

What? Somebody told me Whitney Houston died/Can’t believe to tell you how quickly tears went through my eyes/She was gettin’ better, now it’s really just blew aside/I still ain’t got over Don Cornelius’ suicide

[jwplayer mediaid=”19868″]
11.UGK – The Game Belongs To Me

I got Bobby by the pound, Whitney by the key, DJ Screw by the gallon, the game belongs to me

[jwplayer mediaid=”19869″]

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